How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally Without Exercise And Pills

How to lose belly fat naturally – Today most of humanity has enough food, so much so that in the world obesity kills more people than hunger. However, this is a novelty for the human species. For most of our million and a half years of history, the next meal was not insured. Not much less.

The environment has changed, and now we have access to three meals a day plus some snacks between meals, but our genes have not had time to adapt. Our body keeps thinking that tomorrow we can go hungry, or we even want more than we owe.

Fat is a very effective way to store energy. For each gram of fat, you get nine calories, versus four grams per gram of sugar. So, our bellies and hips are emergency fat deposits. With 15 kilos of fat, the human body has enough energy to walk for a week and a half without food. The belly (or hips, in the case of women) is a perfect place to carry that extra battery.

So, even though it is in our physiology to accumulate fat for our needs, we ask ourselves: Why does our tummy get out? That drama of the first world with that flogged us a lot. In this article, we analyze the types of tummy, the causes why it appears and the keys and exercises to end it and not stay with us.

How to Lose Belly Fat naturally and…

Why does fat accumulate especially in the belly?

Depending on each of their types, the reasons may vary but, in most cases, the main cause of occurrence is due to a sedentary lifestyle and an unbalanced diet, in which fat, fast food and drinks tend to abound. They favor and facilitate the accumulation of fat in the abdominal region, something that occurs mainly in two ways:

  • Accumulation of subcutaneous fat: It is the main cause of the appearance of the happy “spare tire”. This type of fat is the one that is deposited under the skin, but it is also the easiest to lose. You just have to follow our advice and you will see how in the next 3 months your belly is decreasing considerably.
  • Accumulation of visceral fat: This type of fat is the most dangerous for health, it is stored around the internal organs and can lead to cardiac and metabolic diseases. Remember that the WHO recommends not exceeding 102 cm of the abdominal perimeter in men and 88 in women. However, if you overcome the 94 and 80 cm of abdominal perimeter respectively, you are in the alert zone and you must start taking your health seriously to achieve lower values.

Here we show you the main reasons why this type of fat accumulates

Lack of exercise

With so many temptations and delicacies that can be offered to our palates, it is necessary as well to stay healthy, have a basal exercise routine every day.


Poor hormonal regulation, or certain hormones that are involved in the metabolism of fatty acids and in growth, are related to a greater predisposition to accumulate fat in the abdomen. Among them, growth hormone, luteinizing hormone and leptin, mainly.

Inadequate diet

When we ask ourselves why we have belly fat and how can we eliminate it, in general, we usually think that we should reduce our calorie intake. However, the idea that we should choose foods better, those with higher quality and less processed, instead of reducing fat and calories, is gaining more popularity.

A balanced diet that helps us reduce waist fat should follow the following recommendations:

Each of the three main meals must contain a protein ration, alternating animal protein (preferably organic) with vegetable (legumes, nuts, avocado). We will opt for whole grains and avoid refined ones.

We will eliminate the white sugar of the diet and we will consume moderate amounts of honey, cane honey, whole cane sugar, etc. We must decrease the amount of processed and hydrogenated fats, present in fried foods, margarine or sweets, and we will increase the consumption of healthy fats, present in vegetable oils of first cold pressure (olive, coconut, sesame, flax),   avocado, nuts, seeds, bluefish, and ghee butter.


Consumption of unhealthy snacks like chips, cookies or sweets increase our caloric intake and therefore the

Alcohol in excess

A study published in European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, reveals that excessive consumption of alcohol it is a highly predisposing factor (50%) to generate grease abdominal since these are calories liquid “extras” to solid foods.


Researchers indicate that body fat varies genetically in different parts of the body. Observe the characteristics of your family, if a large part of it accumulates in a certain pattern.

Bad posture

When none of these issues seems to be related to our case, we must also assess whether the waist fat could be related to a bad posture.

Many people who suffer deviations of the spine, such as lordosis or scoliosis, also have an excess of fat on the sides. In these cases, it may be that the natural intelligence of the organism is working to help us to keep the balance standing.

The solution, in this case, goes through postural re-education exercises that help us relax and strengthen the muscles of the back and of the abdomen, as well as the advice of a manual therapist.


Nutritionists indicate that, during stress situations, adrenal glands are stimulated to release different hormones, particularly adrenaline and cortisol. When the cortisol increases in blood, promotes the formation of fat in the body (lipogenesis), which is deposited in the abdomen.

Scientists of the American Academy of Neurology showed that between 20 and 55 years, the excess of fat also increases the risk of suffering migraine and headaches. Do not forget that adopting a healthy lifestyle avoids accumulating grease in the abdominal region and therefore reduces the likelihood of suffering from diseases.   It’s not just the aesthetic, take care of your health!

How to Lose Belly Fat Naturally and beware:

The most dangerous effects of abdominal fat

This is a problem that many people suffer from and that is basically because we consume more calories than we spend. This excess produces that our body transforms those calories into fat that we accumulate in the area of the abdomen. Something that not only will end up being an aesthetic problem, but it can bring us many health problems.

Under normal conditions, the waist dimensions should be less than those of the chest. In the case of women, it is recommended that women do not measure more than 80 cm and men should not exceed   90 cm in diameter. Yes, it is true that it varies a lot from one person to another, because we do not all have the same body dimensions or the same structure.

If this is not so we can have an excess of abdominal fat that can bring us serious health problems. Excess fat is a direct cause of hypertension as the arteries and veins become stiffer and the fat obstructs them, making the circulation denser and slower. This can have consequences that will eventually lead to cardiovascular disease.

The excess abdominal fat is also a direct cause of infarction and cerebral stroke derived from hypertension and the pressure suffered by the entire circulatory system. Diabetes can also be derived from this excess of lipids, and our body worsens the metabolism of sugars and the creation of insulin that regulates blood sugar levels.

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This excess usually originates because the daily consumption of products with high levels of sugars and fat is high, while physical activity is little or no. We can avoid it with a re-adaptation of our habits. We must banish from our diet fatty foods and all those that give us empty calories. Vegetables and fruits will be our partners.

But not only diet should be a remedy, but moderate exercise can help, especially until we begin to acquire an adequate physical form since if we suffer from hypertension it is not advisable to force our cardiovascular system too much. In this way, little by little, we will be able to reduce this aesthetically and organically damaging grease.

This exercise is any activity in which will raise the heart rate for a period of time, the heart rate must be kept high within a range of a certain number of beats per minute, such as cardio.

How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally By Exercises!

And what are the cardio exercises?

Well, the main and least known is … WALK! That’s right, this exercise is the best for multiple reasons, among them we have that anyone can do it, you do not need any training to do it, it does not produce injuries and it protects us from them and it’s excellent for warming up in case you are level 0.It is also very easy to perform just walk as if you were in a hurry and keep pace during the time we do our cardio.


The one that follows is running or jogging, this is a bit behind walking, but only because we cannot all just start running, because doing so we can suffer from the classic Late Muscular Pain, there is a greater chance of injury (mainly in the ankles and knees) if we are overweight. But it is quite effective to raise the heart rate in a fast and safe way.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is the home version of jogging at home, this is even more effective than doing it outside since you do the exercise with the tips of the feet and this exercises the whole leg, in addition, you only need to have a rope to jump, and it is not even necessary to have it, you can do as if you were running in your place, this is ideal for difficult climates or if you have little time per day.


The sports which you are in constant movements, such as soccer or basketball, can also be considered as cardio since you keep the heart rate high during each game, contact sports such as martial arts and boxing, also classified as cardio more than anything by the training that is done to be able to do them, on the other hand the baseball or football, do not qualify as cardio because it stays quiet for a long time.


Other exercises are biking and swim which is also very effective in raising the heart rate but the respective equipment is needed.

Other types of cardio are Tabata and high intervals training, these are good, but they fail to keep the heart rate high for a long period of time since they are usually periods of a certain number of minutes between which there are breaks and having breaks we lose the elevated heart rate.

How To Lose Belly Fat Naturally Advantages

Other advantages

If you do your cardio in your home you can even watch TV, movies or listen to music or if your biking,  it does not have to be boring, if you do in the gym you can listen to music, just remember to concentrate on keeping the heart rate high.

However, although the exercises that we have mentioned are quite basic and simple to perform, here we leave you two cardio routines that will help you mobilize fat.

Cardio: Upper limbs and abdomen

5 minutes of warm-up and stretching

4 sets of abs (working both the bottom, lateral and top)

3 sets of triceps

3 series of pectorals

3 sets of biceps (with a machine or with weights, as you want)

3 series of back or 5 minutes of rowing

3 sets of shoulders or push-ups

20-30 minutes of cardio (to choose)

10 minutes of stretching

Cardio: Lower limbs and belly

The second day you can rest the upper muscles and put to work the lower ones, that is, glutes, legs, twins, etc. For this, you can follow this routine example to lose weight in the gym:

5 minutes warm-up

4 series of   cufflinks

3 sets of leg presses (on the machine)

3 series on the machine of the hips

4 series in the machine to work the inner side of the thigh

3 series to work the back of the leg

4 sets of abdominals

20/30 minutes of cardio

10 minutes to stretch and relax

If you have got to this point, we can share with you a curious fact: not all bellies have the same shape and accumulate fat in the same way, you can notice it only by looking at 5 people, we all have a different fat distribution in our belly, and some habits can influence this. Let’s see how:

Belly beer

We refer to that type of belly, pronounced, that is born from the end of the sternum (xiphoid process) to the lower part of the belly. Its name gives clues to his origin but sometimes appearances deceive. Incredible as it seems, this belly does not have so much relationship with the amount of beer we drink, it is more related to the tapas that accompany the beer.

Nibble with fatty foods, fried and with an excess of flours and yeasts favors enormously the appearance of the belly. This, together with a sedentary lifestyle, is the trigger for the happiness curve to be triggered and projected as a spring. Our advice is to reduce the consumption of beer or soft drinks and sweetened. Do not spend too much time sitting down and choose “healthier” snacks.

Stressed belly

This type of bellies tends to be more pronounced and have a smaller diameter compared to the previous ones. Appear in people with little time to eat, who usually visit fast food restaurants to return as soon as possible to their obligations. They eat fast and without chewing well, which generates a strange feeling of bloating, even without having eaten too much. It is also common for users of this type of bellies to skip meals so as not to interrupt their work rhythm.

Another reason can be found in consuming too many caffeinated beverages, especially cola drinks. We recommend that you change your diet drastically. There are already many places of healthy fast food, a much more beneficial alternative, however, the ideal is that you take your time to eat and chew food well. Also, if you can take a short walk before returning to work, the better. This will make you come back with more energy and take advantage of your time more effectively, remember that rest is essential to perform well.


This belly is very easy to disguise, it is not visible to the naked eye and is located in the lower abdomen. It is a small accumulation of fat and usually occurs in women who have given birth or people who do physical activity on a regular basis but have a varied and monotonous diet. We recommend that you introduce strength and high-intensity exercises in your training routines and color your diet, introducing more vegetables and fiber-rich products. You will notice the changes very quickly!

Floating belly

This definition is related to the bellies that are swelling little by little throughout the day. You start the morning with a relatively flat stomach and this changes throughout the day. If this is your case, what may be happening to you is due to digestive problems with certain foods or gas accumulation.

We recommend that you include more probiotic foods in your diet, foods with fiber and that you chew food well. Progressive exercises can help you a lot. This, along with good postural control, should be enough to start seeing how that belly stays at bay throughout the day.

As you can tell, not only is the donut of yesterday, or the ice cream on Wednesdays that make fat accumulate in your belly, it is a set of bad habits that we can correct little by little if you want to, the first step is already done, to know what everything is about and to take action on the matter.

Then if you are already jaded of your belly fat, change your diet, follow the recommendations of physical exercise, and stand up, relax, to enjoy good health and therefore, a good figure.

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